Why You Should Use LUVSPARX

Do you feel like something is missing in your relationship? Feel like you’re not on the same page and that your partner doesn’t “get” what you need, or doesn’t want to make the effort to find out? Or maybe you just want to ensure the success of your relationship? LUVSPARX can help! Our formula is simple and proven:  

(Empathy+Selflessness) x [Communication]Squared = Relationship Success

Couples don’t need another platform for more communication. You need a place that teaches you how to communicate better and more effectively. Texting, talking and sharing selfies is cool, but daily actions that encourage true intimacy and fulfill a couple’s emotional needs---spoken in a love language their partner responds to naturally---is the key.

Partners who seek in-person counseling do it usually as a last resort because they have been in denial and find the cost very expensive. It’s also time-consuming, and there is a lot of negative stigma associated with therapy that assumes your relationship is “in trouble” or “failing.” Usually, by this time, it's too late---and the relationship fails anyway.

Other people read relationship books/articles/courses and attend seminars which give generic advice that's hard to implement on a daily basis. Couples need something more interactive and tailored to their individual emotional needs. Not enough has been done to offer an alternative to the negative stigma associated with counseling and couples therapy. Relationship success coaching meets this need head on and our app eliminates the negative connotation associated with therapy. Sentence doesn’t make sense.

Dating apps have become the “normal” way to meet a potential partner. Personal life coaching has become the norm for people who really want to succeed in life. LUVSPARX relationship success app is the new norm for people who really want to succeed in love. Don’t waste time expending your efforts on things that aren’t appreciated, don't matter or are misunderstood. Get LUVSPARX today and hit the emotional bullseye every time. Start now and don't look back; now you’re moving forward. And did we mention the awesome sex life you’ll be enjoying? Well there’s that to look forward to as well.