LUVSPARX the “Relationship Success App” that puts the spark in your Love Life!


1. Sign Up It’s Free

The LUVSPARX app matches you to your partner’s needs at the tap of a button. Complete your profile, discover your love languages, then send a partner request to your special someone.

2. Interactive Coaching

Whenever you need it, count on LUVSPARX to ignite your love life. Responsive monitoring synchronizes your calendar’s and gets you speaking each others love languages with daily tips.

3. Activity Generator

The simplest way to stay emotionally plugged-in and intimately connected. LUVSPARX automatically generates and schedules unique and unforgettable activities and date experiences.

LUVSPARX is your Action Plan and Communication Roadmap to a Lasting Love Connection

LUVSPARX was founded by Kirkland & Kathy King

What It Is

LUVSPARX is an Relationship Success App that helps couples keep the spark in their love life. Dating apps are now the norm, now there’s an app for your relationship success?

Everyone knows falling in love is the easy part–staying in love and keeping your relationship fresh is the challenge. LUVSPARX is the easy solution to a better love and sex life.

It’s the coach and action plan that will stimulate any couples love life and help grow it into the best relationship it can be. We make it easy for couples to ‘Fall in Love & Stay in Love’ while experiencing richer levels of intimacy than they ever thought possible.

How The App Works

We synchronize a couple’s love life by getting them on the same page through identifying their primary and secondary love languages—and helping them speak it to each other every day. Our A.I. engine automatically creates and schedules daily interactions based on information supplied by the user’s.

Our Love Life Coaching algorithms learn based on what was fun and exciting from previous experiences and interactions, to better help users effectively communicate in the love language that meets emotional needs at the deepest level.